Top features of Jedox

Budgeting, forecasting and planning

Building strong links between strategic and operational planning – or operational and financial planning and analysis – is no simple task. Most CFOs have gone beyond spreadsheets with Business Intelligence (BI) and data discovery to analyze historic data. Yet the humble spreadsheet remains the enterprise standard for planning. A professional planning solution that integrates financial and operational plans produces more accurate results. This enhances the ability of the CFO as well as the executive team to align operational and strategic objectives.


Jedox Models are pre-built applications that make it fast and easy to design an integrated Enterprise Planning solution.
Take advantage of proven best-practices and deploy your solution rapidly with our highly configurable software content. Each Jedox Model comes with integration logic, so you are free to pick and choose your planning applications and combine them as needed: Balance Sheet, Projected Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss, Cash Flow, Sales, Human Resources and Cost Center.

Parallel hierarchy

Additionally to the standard dimension funcionality you can use parallel hierarchy to split dimension elements by different type of grouping. For example, one hierarchy is for grouping by region and the other is for grouping by size of a customer. If the element is placed in many hierarchies, anyway the data is save one time per element in a cube.

Parallel hierarchies is a great way to organize the same list of a dimension elements in different views.

Web, Excel, mobile

Jedox provides innovative web and mobile applications with full functionality for planning, analytics and reporting – anywhere, anytime. These apps have the familiar look and feel of Excel enriched with powerful visualization, dashboarding and reporting capabilities. Turn insights into action through agile Enterprise Performance Management on the web, tablet or smartphone.

Integrator (ETL)

Jedox Integrator is Jedox’s Extract, Transform, and Load software. This module is designed specifically to tackle the considerable challenges of importing and exporting large quantities of data from Jedox databases.

Jedox Integrator is a client-server based application, which means that the modeling of Integrator processes takes place in a user-friendly web interface.


The allocation is a data processing procedure to move amounts between profit centers or cost objects (aka cost units) within the Profit Center cube. The allocation attributes costs from profit centers providing internal services to the profit centers consuming the services. The same procedure applies to cost objects. The purpose of the allocation is to obtain fairly charged and thus comparable profit centers as well as cost objects.

Qlik integration

Connect your Qlik Solution to the Jedox in-memory database or extend your Qlik reports with the budgeting, forecasting and planning capabilities of Jedox. Business users can get a seamless user experience by using Jedox within Qlik and Qlik within Jedox.

Create your integrated Best of breed platform for analytics and performance management in record  time.

Supervision Server

Jedox Supervision Server (SVS) is a software tool that can monitor the events in a Jedox OLAP database and can respond via a PHP script on defined events. Different types of interactions will result in the execution of different pieces of PHP code.