Qlik Alerting

Take intelligent, timely action

Qlik Alerting is an intelligent alerting platform for Qlik Sense®, providing sophisticated, data-driven alerts that help users more proactively monitor and manage their business. With Qlik Alerting, organizations can manage by exception, increasing the value of analytics by notifying users of potential issues, helping them immediately analyze further, and prompting action based on insight.

Stay informed with powerful, data-driven alerts

Create alerts that go way beyond simple KPI thresholds. Qlik Alerting features advanced statistical calculation and trending that easily spots outliers and anomalies, comparisons and complex nested alert logic, and the ability to drill into and evaluate individual dimension values. And unlike other products, Qlik Alerting is data-driven, not based on visualizations, giving you the freedom to monitor all your data without limitations.

Qlik Alerting Datasheet 

Enable self-service and centrally managed alerting

Qlik Alerting supports both pull and push alerting, allowing users to self-serve and organizations to broadcast insights to large groups of users. A simple interface in Qlik Sense allows users to easily set up data alerts for themselves. A robust centralized application allows administrators to define and manage sophisticated alerts for wide distribution. And insights can be delivered through multiple channels in a flexible fashion, either through customized emails or our secure mobile app (iOS, android).

Drive intelligent action, adoption, and value

Increase the value of your analytics investments by notifying users and managers when potential issues arise, allowing them to manage by exception. Qlik Sense alerts promote user engagement with data by providing direct links to analyze further, with context awareness to take users directly to the right analytics with selections applied. This means more adoption and action based on insight.