Inphinity Forms

Goodbye spreadsheets.
Enter your inputs directly into Qlik Sense

Inphinity Forms is the 1st natively integrated write-back extension that turns your Qlik Sense into a Swiss knife.

What is write-back?
And why do you need it, too?

In a nutshell, it is a way to enter data via Qlik.
And a more insightful, actionable, and collaborative approach to data within your company in general.

Start and see value on the same day

Zero coding, no time-consuming configuration, and a short learning curve. Just install the add-on, choose from dozens of ready-made models and templates, and you are all set.

  • Download, install, use
  • Self-service implementation

Use it within Qlik’s familiar environment

Inphinity Forms extends your Qlik Sense’s capabilities without ever taking you out of Qlik. No need to onboard anyone, it is as easy to use as a standard Qlik table.

  • Qlik-style design
  • Administration in Qlik

Thorough documentation and proactive support

You always have something or someone to turn to for help. Inphinity Forms comes with comprehensive documentation and live, in-person support.

Buy once, enjoy free updates forever

Inphinity Forms is an ever-evolving product. We listen to our customers’ feedback and build it right into our regular releases. A new version comes out at least four times a year, and you automatically get access to all updates and releases.

Enterprise-grade features and security

Ready for data-heavy environments

Inphinity Forms is designed to maintain large amounts of data from a multi-node environment at a lightning speed.

  • Automated multi-node installation
  • Multi DB connection
  • Flexible XML storage
  • Open developer API

Permissions always under control

Grant different permissions to Inphinity Forms on a user level, or save time with managing access for more team members at once on a group level.

  • Active Directory integration
  • Qlik users and groups ingestion
  • Complete activity logging
  • User-based and group-level permission management

Simply secure. Your data stays within the company’s network

The write-back process is managed by the back-end service, behind the firewall. With offline access and no data ever sent out of your company’s environment, Inphinity Forms meets the highest standards of security.

Everything above results in an infinite number of use cases

  • Financial planning, forecasting (PnL, CF, BS)
  • Accounting groups, commenting, auditing
  • Expense management simulations
  • US GAAP, IFRS transformation
  • Projects and initiatives management
  • Campaign planning and monitoring
  • Lead management, results, categories
  • Event management, planning
  • Marketing tasks management
  • Marketing targets and expense tracking
  • Pipeline review (commit / best case)
  • Customer feedback (on-call or on-site)
  • Sales activity, next step, DDL tracking
  • Sales budgets planning, forecasting
  • Write-back into CRM from Qlik
  • Applicant and CV records
  • Assessment meetings records
  • Employee 360-evaluations
  • Calculations of bonuses
  • Operational records (inventory, accessories)
  • Capacity / work planning and modelling
  • Logistics planning and optimization
  • Shifts planning and allocation
  • Resource utilization planning
  • Data privacy
  • Credit risk categories
  • Risk impact assessment
  • Proactive risk management
  • Compliance checklists, actions, results
  • Data quality alerting
  • IT tickets feedback
  • System resource utilization
  • Project management
  • IT auditing
  • Portfolio stress testing (Finance)
  • Fraud analysis (Insurance)
  • OEE and capacity planning (Manuf.)
  • Bed management (Healthcare)
  • Warehouse supplies records (Retail)

Are you ready to turn your Qlik Sense from read-only into an actionable and fully collaborative platform?