The IT solution Horizon developed in Latvia is currently the most widely used resource planning and management tool or the so called ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning Solution in the local market. It has been developed for medium and large companies in Latvia as well as central and local government institutions. Since Horizon consists of several modules that are interoperable, it allows companies and organizations of different sizes and different sectors to choose the most appropriate functionality adjusting the tool to their particular needs and business processes.

More than 2000 customers and more than 20 000 users in the Baltic countries serve as a proof of success of Horizon solution in the market. The resource management system (ERP) Horizon is available for users not only in Latvian but also in English, Lithuanian and Estonian therefore companies operating on the Baltic countries can use the same IT solution for their resource management in Latvia as well as in Lithuania and Estonia.

The functionality of Horizon supports a complete management cycle of financial or other resources of a company or organisation including collecting and accounting of financial data, recording and accounting of cash flow and bank transactions, settlement of accounts with suppliers and clients, advance payments, contract accounting. This tool can be used for the management of human resources, client relations, accounting of long-term immaterial, financial investments as well as fixed assets and supply management. Horizon can be easily integrated and adjusted to specific business requirements and needs of almost any company.

Various business industries are offered vertical business management solutions. Inter alia, we have developed a solution of product consumption accounting for public catering, real estate management, timber and lumbering, grain and sugar beet processing, production and motor transport companies.

We also offer to develop individual functional modules – within the framework of any project, we develop an additional functionality, which meets the requirements of your individual company. We also provide the linking between the solution Horizon and other third-party software programs used in your business.

The solution is constantly aligned with Latvian and European Union legislation. The use of the Resource Planning Solution Horizon in an enterprise provides the opportunity to take care of accountancy in line with international accounting standards; it helps to ensure compliance with international production resource planning standards.

To choose the solution best suited for you, we offer your enterprise a functionality demonstration and free consultations on the most suitable solution for your specific business requirements.