Save 90% on your cash management

Reduce your company’s costs. CashManager will empower your ERP with cutting-edge, highly efficient methods of handling bank operations.


How it works?

CashManager works as a middleware between one or multiple ERP systems (such as Epicor iScala, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Visma Horizon, SAP, Calex, etc.) and one or more banks (such as Swedbank, SEB, Luminor, HSBC, ING, etc.).

CashManager consists of four parts:

  • The “Payments” functionality provides an easy-to-use, fast and transparent interface for paying supplier (vendor) invoices (Purchase Ledger, Accounts Payable);
  • The “Payroll” functionality provides a similar interface for salary payments, advances and other payments to the company employees;
  • The “Posting: Outgoing” functionality ensures the outgoing payments are correctly entered into the ERP system;
  • The “Posting: Incoming” functionality helps locate the correct customer invoices for incoming payments and enter them into the ERP system (Sales Ledger, Accounts Receivable), as well as deal with special transactions such as bank charges, POS payments etc.

CashManager dramatically decreases the time for such operations as payment order preparation and bank reconciliation. In most cases CashManager helps saving time spent on such procedures for about 90%.

Why CashManager?

  • It’s efficient and reliable. CashManager dramatically increases the speed of cash management processes and virtually eliminates errors.
  • It’s complete and transparent. CashManager works immediately after installation. No additional costly „implementation” processes.
  • It’s global. CashManager works with any ERP and any bank. Our customers rely on CashManager to standardize their bank operations across the world.
  • It’s customer-oriented. Our caring support team makes sure CashManager users always know the best ways.
  • It gets results. Most of our customers reached 100% ROI in less than a year.

CashManager as a global solution

CashManager ensures a unified user experience, no matter which ERP system(s) and bank(s) in which countries you use. More and more global corporations choose CashManager as their standard for bank integration.

CashManager user interface and user manual are available in multiple languages, and we are open to introducing more languages.

Additional functionality

  • Save on bank charges by automatically grouping payment orders;
  • Control cash flow – CashManager will help you set the desired total payment amount and execute payments exactly on the due date;
  • Accelerate the payment process even further by creating payment orders directly from CashManager;
  • Create custom reconciliation processes to better deal with your customers’ payment habits;
  • Automatically import to your ERP special transactions such as bank charges, interest income, POS payments, encashment, tax payments, etc.

Customer references

Baltic XL