Qlik Sense Business Intelligence

Qlik is the most flexible Business Intelligence platform for turning data into knowledge. More than 24,000 organisations worldwide have enabled their users to easily consolidate, search, and visually analyse all their data for unprecedented business insight using Qlik’s simplicity. Effective decision-making is based on having the right information available and easy accessible. IntelliSoft team has successfully implemented Qlik in different well known Latvian companies.

Benefits from using Qlik business intelligence

  • Save time and resources from report prepairing;
  • Become business analyst expert with Qlik offered possibilities;
  • Make important decitions faster, easer and safety;
  • Prepare reports fast and easy at right time;
  • Access enterprise information from any device and place;
  • Get better transparency of the company’s processes.

Why choose Qlik business intelligence?

  • Qlik is applicable for different enteprise size;
  • It is possible to analyze unlimited data size, just clicking on data vizualizations;
  • You can analyze big data without programming knowledge
  • Qlik can be easily connected to popular file formats (.xls, .xlsx, .csv etc) and of course databases;
  • Many data sources can be joined in one analytics to see “full picture”;
  • No need to have special training.

What makes Qlik unique?

  • Qlik automatically makes connections between data, so everything is connected;
  • In-memory technology makes it work really fast;
  • Users can get answers to not only “How?”, but also “Why?”;
  • Values and visualizations and seachable.

Qlik add-ons

  • NPrinting and BIReport let you make beautiful reports, which are based on Qlik visualizations.
  • BIMail is easy tool for Qlik report and data sending.

Frequently asked questions

I have data in Excel files. Is it possible to read it in Qlik? Yes, it is. Excel files are popular for extra data storing (budget etc).

Data analysis is something very difficult and not necessary for everyone. May be it is difficult, but not in Qlik. Everyone can make data expert with Qlik without any special knowledge.

How does Qlik cost? Qlik cost starts from zero. Everyone can download Qlik Sense Desktop and start analyze data for personal uses. Enterprise license costs very little compared to return of investment. Contact us for special offer right for you.

How long it takes to implement Qlik and start to use it? In our practice, the record was 3 hours from installation till the end of training. But, of course, it depends on difficulty of the project.

I need to make new report. Is it necessary to call IntelliSoft? No, everyone can do it itself. But we can help to do it faster and more professionally with our experience.

Do I need to learn programming to work with Qlik? No. To analyze data in Qlik any programming skills are not necessary. Using Qlik you can even make new analytics just “drag-and-drop”.

Contact us from free consultance and learn how Qlik can help your company to grow profitability and reduce cost. Call +371 67546336 or write info@intellisoft.lv.